core tip: you want to get more revenue through advertising, but do not want to show the user no targeted advertising. Google AdSense solves this problem, it can automatic delivery according to the website and website content page accurately locate the text ads and image ads, these ads are very harmonious, therefore, readers will find that they are indeed very useful."

if your site has been included in Google, suggest you look carefully, and not Google said "in the classification range from education to travel, from mortgages to patio furniture and so on all areas are suitable for Google AdSense. After all, Google AdSense is a child of Google, and it’s reasonable to praise yourself. But if you don’t want to waste time on Google AdSense, look at what I’ve done and make sense.

1. if you have traffic, popular words, do not Google AdSense, then your website is really "pure"; sometimes the advertising or advertising, not with the management concept to their website, whether it is a large-scale comprehensive website also is personal website even blog, they do not grow up. It’s not a simple thing to stick to because of long-term emotional involvement. I suggest you still do advertising Union, I recommend you Google AdSense, but do not cheat oh.

2., if your website is about professional, professional, professional, design, network marketing…… Then Google AdSense is pretty good, because, according to the Google AdSense automatically match the content of the site, in terms of such advertising advertisers are still more. Public service ads don’t appear much on your website, nor will they be long. If your keyword is good, and at the same time goolge update speed is also very fast, a new article after submission, about an hour or so will appear corresponding advertising.

3., if you’re a movie, a web site, a literary website, an ad for Google AdSense’s advertisers, it’s less. It is likely that many pages appear to have the same content of advertising, thus losing the original intention of Google AdSense. In this case, there is not much to click on.

4. Google AdSense in the position you don’t site placed "petty", put the place to be dignified and imposing, advertising. Put 468*60’s Google AdSense on the head; OK; put the 125*125 Google AdSense hot article below the blank; okay; put 720*90>

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