had talked of before and figure weight loss website view, his view is "very strong violence". Do more than a year of garbage stations, a few, only two or three, but also learned some ways to do garbage stations, suffering from income ups and fall uncomfortable. Be a Baidu K, it is zero, so make up your mind, do a regular site, consider some industry websites, and share my results with you.

first choice of the industry, not too professional, the audience is too small, it will be relatively tired, I have done before a IT editing and so on, the content of the source is too small. Therefore, I am thinking about weight loss, breast enhancement, cosmetic surgery and body building, which belong to the pan industry website, but the content is better, some advertising will be more powerful.

today, I’d like to talk to you about weight loss websites:

now, I looked at some of the more famous site navigation station, of which there are two cases, the first is to lose weight station in the "health" column, the other is directly with the "body (volume) lose weight", one part included portal body channels accounted for about 50% or so, the other part is included in some personal website.

put aside the portal body channel, personal website, do all that is rough, for example in the 265.com lose weight in the first row area is "I want to lose weight" http://s.www.51lose-weight.com/ looked at his latest article is April 10th, as can be imagined how little webmaster to pay. Ranked second is the "weight loss network", http://s.www.shoushen.com/ content is more miscellaneous, not professional to do weight loss. Similar conditions exist on other websites.

do more famous, there are thin men and women in the domain name http://s.www.ssnn.net but also have certain limitations, not using the COM domain name, http://s.www.ss63.com/ looks more formal way of downsizing, but only by the http://s.www.ytwang.com network and the default template, showing weak technology, but also from the perspective of the content.

of course, the above examples are listed directly from http://s.links.39.net/fitness/ here. Here are some of the more popular websites for weight loss listed in the 39 Health Network, which we can look at.

The following

say that the search engine in the competition, fitness website the most important words is probably "lose weight", search "lose weight" two words in Baidu, the first page is full of promotion, in addition to the first second pages in 39 Health Network, the second is Baidu Post Bar, the other is related the product website, although not promotion, is estimated to be SEO up in Google; compared with the effect.

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