recently launched two consecutive combat nature of the lecture, the majority of the webmaster friends sought after, as the new year’s Day holidays because of the delay in the afternoon of January 4th, 14:30 officially began, although the delay but still won the recognition of the majority of owners, the old K I thank. The lecture received a brilliant point of participation in the station’s unanimous praise.

K I have in my old classmates Jialun’s consent, I also will do the lecture content arrangement, to share the webmaster friends, a learning exchange, this lecture text broadcast address: Uid=1& do=blog& id=10935.

below is the text of this lecture:

Wang Jialun: Hello, I’m IT tea house ( – Wang Jialun, Internet practitioners for 6 years, before the operation of 3 regional industry websites. Currently in Chengdu, there are often some industry gatherings.

now teaches at the China Electronic Science and education network school principal, teacher of electronic commerce.


mainly shares its experiences with the operations of regional industry websites that have been learned by gathering.

mainly from the following key words to elaborate: location, mode, promotion, sales, customer service,

personally believes that the industry and regionalization is the future trend of

1. positioning

operation of the site should have a clear positioning of this I believe everyone will know, here simply put my understanding of the local industry site to do a positioning: regional and industry, B2B platform oriented to enterprise. Serving industry customers.

for different lines of industry positioning, but also more detailed, for example, for what kind of users, who attract the site to see, the main website who earned money.

and some website group purchase is not the same, the same consumer oriented, but not by eat money, but by lowering the price of enterprise profit for the consumer, other industries, the role of the media, and ultimately to the enterprise membership fee.

different positioning will bring different patterns, these must be in the beginning to think clearly, if only a general positioning, so and so the industry website, then the process will encounter many difficulties.

2. mode

as I cited above example, the same is the local industry website, his profit model is entirely possible, and here are a few of the more mature model.

first of all: membership, Alibaba is this model, the use of a certain industry upstream and downstream information asymmetry profits, a bit similar to the transaction intermediary, to help customers find buyers.

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