QQ group promotion long ago existed, but how can be reasonable use, is also a very useful promotion method. A long time ago I heard Mou Changqing link exchange website go9go by dozens of QQ group, will soon establish a website to build into the largest link trading platform, a group purchase website do man say, their core competitiveness is the active user group purchase website QQ group, after the end of each group purchase, members will spontaneous and QQ group to small buyers with consumption. Visible, website QQ group can increase the stickiness of website user to a great extent.

In the "

" segment of the SNS in the success of the cause, the author believes that the success of the site is a big reason SNS seize market segments, to fill the QQ space and other SNS sites can not meet the regional agglomeration, more have the same characteristics of the user, let users make more hope to make good friends, have a strong friendship link then, the site will be life and growth in nature. Obviously, the QQ group also has such characteristics, is using QQ group will have the same characteristics as classmates, users gather, the same school, the same industry, the same purpose (link exchange, exchange of experience, SEO experience exchange station) etc.. Therefore, QQ group is also a good tool to promote SNS website.

1, to join other people’s QQ group, this short is easy to achieve, but the operation is more difficult, because if a go in on advertising, send links. Can not achieve enhanced website user stickiness, even the purpose of propaganda website cannot be reached, but is likely to send advertising group was kicked off.

2, self built QQ group, through a suitable group name and group description, in Tencent group search which gets better ranking. In the group announcement and discussion, join the website URL reasonably.

www.dhyxiaonei.com is based on the campus network Dahongying college students Dahongying SNS site, because the site has not been established just by search engines, and review the new period is not ranked, so we can not through the search engine to guide the flow into the site, and the new fresh blood is very important for the website. Therefore, the author through the establishment of QQ group, and through QQ group to guide traffic to the site. For example, the 2010 group of 63905114 freshmen in our college.

the classification of user guide, for example, in accordance with the area division, college division, user level division, such as link trading can be divided according to the PR, Dahongying campus network QQ group is in accordance with the entry time division of the users.

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