lead: three new board is staged a capital carnival, and today you will see the new three board company – "China steel network."".

steel network

main business: steel electronic trading, bank online payment, steel market information, spot resource search

Revenue: 2014 454 million yuan

listing time: January 16, 2015, and began to make market

capital increase: listed semi annual increase of two times, the total amount of more than one hundred million yuan

three new board brought about by the impact of: expanding brand influence, financing, increase talent pool

behind the Broker: Qilu Securities


have acquisitions or acquisitions: no

?Have you ever had any financing before

: No,


in the corner we can not see, in full bloom many good living vertical electricity supplier. For example, iron and steel electricity supplier, the birth of a few years ago, no less than 150 companies, there is "find steel network", so that mainstream VC concern projects, but also "steel network" such landing three new board companies.

easy for amateur surprise, steel trading is usually millions or even tens of millions of large transactions, it also can be done online? In addition, the steel trade whether the two sides need to keep to the inquiry, do they have no stable sources and channels of


in fact, many companies in the industry will need a wide range of steel products, big construction steel, small screws. While steel prices are changing every day, the entire industry inquiry system has long been established. China’s total steel trade, 8 trillion, may indicate the size of the industry’s plates.

steel steel circle network is the earliest and the Internet combined with the company, its predecessor is the information based "Chinese steel net", which is the price of supply and demand on the network, connect the flow of information.

the emergence of a large number of steel sites, the root cause is that the entire industry over the past two years, excess capacity, oversupply. This line has long been formed from the manufacturers to buyers who have multiple steel trading companies, they will face steel mills and terminal buyers to provide services. Usually, a only buy millions of yuan of steel crane factory is not directly with the mills dialogue, in addition, because the steel is a big deal, the terminal is cash on delivery, the steel trade should bear loaning function, large steel trading business have sufficient funds transfer ability. Changes in the market environment, coupled with the particularity of the industry as a whole, in particular the need for the Internet to integrate both ends of the demand, to help steel mills, steel trading business to expand order channels, to ease the backlog of inventory.

although the industry as a whole is all the way to the electricity supplier, everyone’s practice is still different, the key is the starting point is not the same. Some companies mentioned that they would like to replace most of the traditional steel trading companies, so that they have Internet

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