recruitment of leading websites do not have to say. Qianchengwuyou ChinaHR Zhaopin natural marketing system of them, we can only see these as the generation. They can be advertising bombing a year or so, the bus office building of multimedia advertising, their advertisements can be seen everywhere. Yes, they don’t lack that money. It’s something we can’t do. If we want to hang a day’s ad on a bus, we may risk not eating for a month. But what we have is, yes, we have passion,


recruitment website can be roughly divided into two types, one is interactive station, and the other is information station. The so-called "interactive station" is the traditional recruitment website. Companies and applicants can register, two-way choice. And recruitment information station, as the name suggests, is the recruitment of information articles. I’m releasing some company here, I need to ask for a job, what’s the contact information, then you can contact me and send your resume.

these two types of websites, the former mainly rely on the promotion, and the latter mainly rely on search engines. I’m mainly talking about the latter.

recruitment information website specific analysis:

1: New Year’s job recruitment network (

legend says it’s a recruiting station. Positioning it as recruitment information station, but his recruitment information articles accounted for more weight. The station began to operate only by a small team, and has now grown into a company. Many new businesses have been opened up, such as recruiting clothes and recruiting songs (they are very rich in thought and can think of these. ). Someone might say it’s also a small job site. It’s no big deal. But it’s a small website that feeds a lot of people. Legend of the original bid. Millions of years to buy the station did not sell them. Obviously, the value of the website is not general.

2: Campus Recruitment Information Network (


first visit I did not see the value of this website, I understand a truth but understanding, the site is also can be deceiving!

website appearance, I can only use very ordinary to describe, because there is really no special features. Search engines are not included. It covers a lot of pages. If in accordance with the general portal, the number of included in the calculation. An estimated thirty thousand or forty thousand IP a day. But when I first saw the statistics from the station a few months ago, when the site was at its peak, the day’s independent IP was close to one hundred thousand. PV is close to 600 thousand. As one can imagine。 The station’s monthly income is not bad. Someone might be interested in this income. I said a million, you may say too much. But in fact, a million is really too far away. Whether it’s high or low is decided by everyone.

3:EQ campus recruitment network (

this site >

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