education is the root of the country, so in recent years, the domestic education market is in a stable stage of development, even if the female entrepreneurs as long as the proper operation can get good development. Now there are more and more forms of education and training to join the product, but not to meet the training needs of investment to educate people to join the industry can change the face of poverty and backwardness of the people education and training investment franchise should pay attention to the risk, investment in education and training to join the product to master certain industry experience and professional knowledge, the whole network of small detail for you a female education training institutions how to avoid risks.

"left institutions don’t have much time, or in three or four years listed, or will not go up." "We plan to market in two to three years!" Nanjing, a primary and secondary school training institutions responsible person said confidently that they have made a number of venture capital investment, is now rapidly expanding the scale of major cities nationwide. Right now, education and training to join the industry has become the darling of the capital market, more and more money into this emerging market. But in this noisy feast, there is also a hint of worry.

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