the current social choice of entrepreneurial path of the growing ranks of the crowd, but really can embark on the road to success is not many people here, in addition to opportunities, efforts, as well as the influence of the noble help. Below, small series and we will do a small test to see if your entrepreneurial presence.

When the



popularity index: 60% means to represent recent harvest words, your relationship is not bad, the harvest is mainly aimed at work on interpersonal relationship, because this word apart, the pen has left "and" words like, right from the word "inch" pen, your relationship the games once again carry out in the workplace, and other aspects need to be strengthened.



popularity index: 70% words wine to water side, can be said to be your friends and have a wide popularity, good evaluation, but in the heart of standard also has its own strict, so it can become your friend is not much. The unitary word with gold, to prevent the villain secretly destroyed, do not let yourself into the storm in the Oh!

Answer: when

popularity index: 80% when the word to remind you to clearly distinguish people and friends, just like the fields can bear fruit will be overgrown with weeds, so you will be faced with the choice of the stage, so please bring wisdom and discernment yourself in interpersonal transportation strong transport 100.




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