want to know what is called zero venture capital? Today the whole network Xiaobian introduce you 100 dollars of investment projects! 100 quick money can do? Buy a T-shirt, eat a meal, see a movie, in fact, 100 dollars can do a lot of things!

my investment risk is not more than 100 yuan. Every laid-off workers have the urgent desire to change their destiny as soon as possible. But most of them will encounter a fatal problem: no money, they lack of experience, not much money, can not afford to fail, and therefore the entrepreneurial success rate must be pursued, focusing on zero risk". But the mall has a cloud: high risk has high profits." So, the market is not a "zero risk" and can make money in the industry? Qingdao has such a laid-off workers, also encountered the same problem. The only difference is that he borrowed $100 thousand to start the fund. Unfortunately, the sea is choking the water, only 100 thousand yuan a boondoggle, also of the huge debt owed. His hands trembled. If you want to borrow money, you can’t borrow it. He set himself a new investment in the limit: no more than 100 yuan, I did not expect, this is not more than $100 of new investment has brought him high profits. He repaid the debt, bought a house, a famous millionaire.

this dilemma, the young Li Weidong shame and shame, decided to "do your own thing". With the help of relatives and friends, he raised 100 thousand yuan to start the fund, and then set up Fala to invest more than ten million yuan. Li Weidong decided to do their own familiar with the rubber industry: the production of automotive tires. In May 1998, Li Weidong rubber factory finally put into operation.

however, backfired. In February 1999, Li Weidong’s rubber factory had to close soon. Because a new high-tech tire, a radial tire, was a "fatal" blow to his rubber factory, which did not need to be fitted with an inner tube

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