since 2015, all over the country are actively preparing and planning new investment show, at the same time that some merchants exhibition can also accelerate the development of some economy driven by the local smooth, Tangshan recently on some actively promote World Horticultural Exposition’s preparatory work, the purpose is to accelerate the pace of investment.

actively docking exhibition design. The day before, Beijing World Horticultural Exposition Committee on the design of Beijing Park and Tangshan docking, has initially set the design scheme. At the same time, Xi’an, Kunming, Xiamen, Hangzhou and other 14 city also were fluttering Tang design docking. The international garden exhibition design scheme is in the stage of deepening, revise and improve will be reported to the municipal government and Flower Association review.

to accelerate investment in the breeze. The breeze, the 25 city has signed the agreement or intention of participating exhibitors, Suzhou, Zhangzhou, Hongkong is actively promoting the promotional work. International exhibitors, is actively coordinating Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, CCPIT, China Merchants commissioned friendly city, foreign embassies, Flower Association, chamber of Commerce, enterprises and other entities authorized. At present, the Hungarian embassy has authorized the Hungarian Condor technology international trading companies, other countries authorized exhibition is coordinating the work of promoting, and strive to be completed at the end of August.

It is reported that the recent


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