2015, the Chinese government at all levels to help small and micro enterprises to provide a lot of capital and policy support. For the lack of funding for entrepreneurial projects, the Shanxi provincial government fully funded, the establishment of small loan companies specializing in entrepreneurship.

It is reported that

at present, the company has officially started operation. Received a total of college graduates, laid-off workers, demobilized veterans, migrant workers, college-graduate village official, returnees and other types of entrepreneurs loan consulting   325 people, accepting the entrepreneurial projects 63, support the project is in line with the development direction of Shanxi Province, industry growth, potential economic and social benefits of good business projects among them, college students venture project "seven product e-commerce", "prosperous constant tire" loans 1 million 100 thousand yuan to support entrepreneurship 40-50 households, employment   90-100.

in addition, to expand the innovative service model, the size of the loan, the company will use the "business loan loan guarantee + policy overlay mode entrepreneurial microfinance", the joint venture in Shanxi province financing service center, sharing, joint review, in accordance with the principle of mutual recognition of the resources, simplify the entrepreneurs loan approval procedures.

microfinance is to solve the problem of venture capital Small and micro businesses the most effective measures, at present our country mainly rely on government guidance means to establish various small loan channels, we look forward to more market-oriented means to enter the financing channel for venture Small and micro businesses help tim.

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