in the current such a business society, some people succeed in business, naturally there will be some business failure. Failure is not terrible, as long as the reasons for the existence of targeted solutions, so that business will have a hot day. So, what are the reasons for the failure of ice cream stores?

The development of

economy, the improvement of people’s living standard, the ice cream franchise came into being, and in a good society under this background, a lot of ice cream stores not only the good and rapid development, but the business failed, this is a lot of ice cream stores very distressing thing. This is what causes it?

1, no local consumer market survey:

ice cream stores in order to earn money for local people, each place has its own taste, consumption habits, diet culture, such as the egg pancake, there is no market in the south, the North South spicy taste can not accept, even in the two city adjacent to the public catering are likely to be quite different.

2, blind on the project:

ice cream shop think is that the new product can be fresh, strange win. But the imagination is not equal to the fact that the vast majority of our entrepreneurs are defeated here: just want to earn much money, did not want to use what way to earn.

3, no new product Market Research:


is a new product, it should be consumer survey, the easiest way is to bring new products of ice cream stores please relatives and friends try to taste; or new products in the market near you ready to start; the "lazy" at least to do a sales survey: increase the a variety of species in the original business, to introduce customers, solicit their opinions.

4, there is no way to make money:

ice cream store no way to make money with no way to deal with the same terrible failure. Money is the result of many factors, these factors must be one by one, one by one to find out, in practice a test, comparison and analysis, then finding out, create a set of their own way to make money.

almost every day, there will be a shop closed because of the failure, it has become a very normal thing, ice cream business franchise failed also but find the reasons, There are plenty of people who, solve business will be better. So, the above analysis of the ice cream shop for the reasons for the failure of your business is also a considerable help?

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