[review] way I realized that we have entered a new era of entrepreneurship. At the beginning of the twenty-first Century, the high cost of labor, office leasing, legal, marketing prices also fell. It could even mean that 5 years ago startups needed $250 thousand to do, now only $250 can be.


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in 1945, when my grandmother was 21 years old, she founded a photography company. She had just graduated from Northwestern University, in order to pursue their dreams, she did not like other people to find a job, but chose to start a business. For this dream, she got on her own.

over time, she made some money and rented an office in Evanston, illinois. After that, she hired an employee. In the end, she bought an old fire station and became the headquarters of the company. The company was founded 70 years ago, and it was the only cause of my grandmother’s life. Although she is over 90 years old, she is still not down.

In the past 70 years,

has encountered numerous difficulties and challenges. When the company develops to a new stage, she needs to rely on credit cards to repeat the investment company, only in this way, she can make the enterprise forward.

this is a typical development path of the era of start-ups.

to the 90s of last century, you want to start the Internet business, you first need to find a friend who has a garage at home, with the garage as your first office. In the company has just been established, the employment of employees is basically a luxury, because even if you buy the server’s money is sold by their own car and get. Sometimes, entrepreneurship will endanger your relationship with the people closest to you.

and you need to do all the work alone, everything starts with the most basic things, it takes years and a lot of money.

sometimes, after years of hard work, you’ll be hit hard by the reality: people don’t need your product at all.

era changed

in early twenty-first Century, you no longer need to sell the car to buy the server, because the server price has dropped, selling coffee table is enough. In the past 15 years, many things need to start a business has become more expensive, such as server, database, SaaS appears to have expensive Internet infrastructure more down to earth.

this also led to the continuous lowering of the threshold of entrepreneurship. At this time, startups need only $250 thousand, you can do in 90s the company needs $2 million 500 thousand to do things. Entrepreneurial costs are reduced

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