go out shopping, a lot of people will be put on a decent clothes, but if you go to a shop owner, found wearing a scruffy, probably will lose the attraction to customers to shop, business is good, naturally more difficult. In fact, in addition to the customer from the store appearance, internal furnishings to get the impression of perception, the store owner (clerk) is also a factor in customer perception.

the quality of the owner or the clerk determines the customer’s impression of the store. The owner or the clerk talk decent, dignified and elegant, will give the customer a good impression, so that customers have a sense of intimacy and trust in the shop. Some retail businesses pay attention to their own language, can do the service with a smile, warm service, the customer into the store, can say "Welcome" to the customer, the customer can leave, say "thank you for the customer". However, there are many retail businesses on their dress is not how attention, some retail businesses dressed casually, especially in the summer, hot weather, some businesses in small, easy to the customer left a very bad impression.

said here, some retail businesses may say I’m making a fuss, alarmist. A few years ago, I personally experienced such a thing. That summer, the weather is particularly hot, because of economic reasons, my family did not install air conditioning shop, only in the ceiling installed a large ceiling fan. Because it is hot in the supermarket, husband is cool figure, bare chested, bare arms in the store to sell.

at this time, the two little girl into the store to buy goods, a look at her husband naked upper body, immediately turned around and ran. The two little girls ran and said: "what kind of ah, it is too unsightly, but also do not speak of civic heart!" I did not expect, indecent dress let my shop lost two customers. I want to have this idea, the customer certainly more than two little girls, other customers will have ideas, but that response is not so intense, but the heart is certainly uncomfortable, the shop impression in their hearts greatly impressed.

since then, my husband and I went to the counter when operating, they began to pay attention to their own dress, we also specially customized for the two sets of spring and summer clerk, like the city’s large supermarket staff wearing clothes like that. The clothes are clean and tidy, look dignified and generous, for many customers left a good impression, the customers said they went to many shops, a number of our store clerk wearing the most normal people look decent, can remember this shop. Sure enough, since my husband and I put on the shop assistant, to the store to buy more and more customers, sales growth than before a big cut.

so, do not think they do not open the shop owner, do not need to pay attention to dress. How the owner of the dress, but can be directly to consumers, and thus affect the impression of consumers to the store. So, >

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