many people will have such a problem: the work is not good to say bad not bad, want to earn extra money and do not want to delay their work, this time should be how to choose? In fact, this is a good solution to the problem, to find a free money to do a good job!

freelance writer, pen Gold: to do this successful writer, the following conditions are significant: 1) on the media articles required to have a certain grasp, and some of the best newspaper editors to establish good relations of cooperation; 2) to master certain skills.

writing on the computer, there is a lot of content to write, such as software applications, hardware, network knowledge, web pages and Sina game etc.. But these are not necessarily your strengths. You may know a certain aspect of it, and then you have to develop in this direction, not to unfamiliar areas of development, or you have to write the manuscript will be edited shot.

is a freelance writer who can cultivate their temperament, to show their style and not occupy too much time of the good way to make money, hoping to freelance work to achieve your dreams of wealth!


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