now people like online shopping, open Taobao shop is also a way of entrepreneurship. However, the shop is not easy, the purchase is a big problem. Open a Taobao shop, how to purchase, is the key to success! How to open Taobao store? How can we find a cheap source of goods? This is for you to answer.

1. wholesale goods;

must run more regional wholesale market, such as Beijing, Xizhimen, Xiushui Street, Hongqiao, Shanghai, Xiangyang Road, Town God’s Temple, not only familiar with the market, also can get very cheap wholesale prices.

2. to the shop to provide the source of the site to Amoy Taobao;

posted on the Internet sources of information, often because there are pictures, with references, so you can avoid the pain of fatigued by a long journey. And similar sources can also have a detailed comparison.

3. acts as a market Hunter;

4. focus on foreign trade products;

if there is familiar with foreign trade companies, can getting goods directly from the factory. There are a lot of good stuff in the foreign trade order of surplus products, this part of most commodities only 1-3, styles are often the most popular now or next year, but the price only stores 4-7 fold, it is often 3, buy some brands brand inventory backlog inventory backlog, some businesses simply put the stock sold to the full-time sales network sellers. If you have enough bargaining skills, to be able to lower their prices in the hands of the stock to eat, will be able to obtain huge profits.

5. get foreign discount merchandise;


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