chose to start a business related to the shop, naturally need to take into account the issue of profit. After all, the reason why many people will choose venture capital, are directed at its profit and go. So, open the restaurant to understand the question of profit?

it was said that the future of food and beverage enterprises are linked to the operation, but the development of a chain from a store, is not a simple thing. Profit from where? What will affect the restaurant profit? What elements should be copied in a restaurant? These do not understand, it is difficult to achieve expansion restaurant.

How does

restaurant profit form?

what is the purpose of our restaurant? Of course, is to generate profits, which is for the community, to reflect the value of employees.

profit is who? The process of how the results of these profits to control? How to crack? Through our study found that the formation of the entire food and beverage profits are these aspects: first, income, second internal control and human efficiency issues.

profit from all aspects of strict control

food and beverage industry has often talked about positioning, the lack of a most important aspect of reality, that is, positioning must be based on some of the restaurant business data to do. After the restaurant business, customer groups, products, services, with the boss at the beginning of the positioning is not a coincidence?

in our control inside, for every point of chain catering enterprises, a direct response to the chain catering enterprises each control point above the ability. For example, the direct cost reflects not only the raw materials, but also reflected in the logistics, procurement, production and consumption control capacity.

all the chain catering enterprises, revenue is based on the cash register system. Chain catering enterprises generally provides 4 financial statements, but it can’t satisfy us in the actual chain catering enterprises of the demand, the reason is that the food management system is in line with the national administrative organization needs, rather than truly reflect our catering business operation needs.

profit from where?

if you do a real statistical analysis, there will be a clear reference standards, where the profits generated, the restaurant is not reasonable, you can do at a glance.

and if you do not do such an analysis, assuming that the restaurant’s goal is to earn 100 thousand dollars, who can tell you that these 100 thousand dollars is reasonable or unreasonable? Who contributed the profits? What is reasonable? Who is responsible for the unreasonable part?

these problems in many analytical systems >

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