now governments for some student entrepreneurs who have given a strong concern, and also think of ways to increase students’ entrepreneurial opportunities, recently, the Heilongjiang province of college students venture the real name of statistics.

the provincial government invested two hundred million yuan to set up a new college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship small loans to Guarantee Corporation, specializes in providing guarantee low rates for college students to arrange 100 million yuan; entrepreneurship "seed fund" each year, arranged 30 million yuan each year to support the province’s science and technology business incubator, innovation and entrepreneurship for college students to create incubators. The province’s colleges and universities to arrange at least two hundred million yuan of funds for entrepreneurship education. "Opinions" also proposed to provide a variety of standards for college students to finance discount loans, and in the tax relief, simplify the procedures for the work of college students and other aspects of the introduction of the policy.

In fact,


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