now choose to embark on the road to stall the investor is very much, although you can make money. However, the business is good and bad booth profits are vastly different. For any investor, it is natural that business is better, but this is a skill. Here, the small series to introduce a good business skills for a good three.

first of all: your booth must be

this is the most important, everyone has curiosity, China since ancient times has said that the herd effect, like to go to many places to run, if your booth no one, maybe a lot of people don’t want to see. How to do when there is no one, call on some friends to stroll.

secondly: you must have good eloquence

said here is not to say you how to eloquence will say, but you have to seize the customers love what, wondering what is the wind blows, we said, such as you feel the customer in hesitation, you need to look at him because the product or because of the price, because if you can recommend other products, because if you can take a preferential price, even if you are maybe 5 cents cheaper customers on the heart.

final: giveaway

I bought a lot of things in the market yesterday, I bought a set of 3 pieces of bed sheets, quilt sheets and pillowcases, starting 45 yuan, the price to 30 behind our boss not to sell or not to sell, then back to 35, then I will go to experience according to friends.

took a few steps really the boss called me, but he is not sold directly to me, but I said: sister ah, this is not what we profit, so, you 40 dollars I send you a pillow can? Without thinking, I directly agreed, and then come back to think about the reason I understand, because in my eyes feel that the pillow is more than 5 dollars, so I feel I’m making money.

so let you put a fire in the business is a gift or tie-in sale, and if you sell jeans, for example, to buy a pair of jeans to send two pairs of socks, or belts and the like? Can you buy a bowl of chopsticks or a spoon?

business is good, a lot of time and not just because of the product, but also has a great relationship with the management skills. So, there are more than three of the small introduction of such skills, if you are ready to spread, you will use it?

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