for any retail store, shelves should not be a tool. However, the shop area is limited, if the shelf utilization can not be higher, which will be very detrimental to the operation of the store. In a word, as a common retailer, actually most of them will encounter such a problem, that is "the business of retail store or supermarket shelf space is limited, not much, how can we maximize the full display of goods shelves, enhance the selling points to attract the attention of customers,?" In fact, this has become a problem plagued some retail hearts.

in fact, the cost of the retail end of the shelf is almost equal to the cost of retail goods, that is, the actual utilization of the shelf and our profits are proportional. When we put not selling products to long-term display shelves, which takes up the effective use of the shelf rate, a decrease in rate resulting in invisible to our profit; not selling products certainly will have, but the key is how we deal with, if handled well, but also because of our products will increase a group of potential customers and shop popularity, can also speed up the new product sales cycle flow and cash flow.

In fact many

operators in unsalable products can not always cover one step, this could stimulate customers to buy leisure. In my opinion, to deal with slow-moving goods to be bold, courageous, truly meet the expectations of consumers want. Boldly discard the up, the sale to sell renteng lethim. If reluctant to commodity bold, there will be unsalable goods piled up, finally affect the new share of shelf, also affect the consumers of observation and selection of new products, thus affecting the sales profit, will affect the normal operation, even lead to the end of business failure!

take the cigarette sales, some customers do not attach great importance to this problem, simply do not put the classification, only to think that the smoke cabinet full on the finish. Practice shows that this effect is not good, the cigarette must be placed in classification, while the price tag. For different categories of the best price, or close to the manufacturers put together. In addition to the local best-selling varieties of cigarettes placed in the most prominent position, so that customers can see that the door to facilitate their purchase.

want to make use of the shelf to improve the higher, naturally also need to taste the shelves finishing, so that the shelf will be truly utilized, the store’s business really help. Therefore, this suggested retail households often tidy shelves, one hand can change the display mode to stimulate customers from the perspective of fatigue; on the other hand can eliminate unsalable goods, enhance shelf utilization, improve product profitability.

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