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wedding special, every detail has been the people’s attention, for bedding will naturally attach great importance to. Moreover, the choice of new bedding, not only to the pursuit of fashion, the most important thing is the quality of the product, it is necessary to choose the right brand. So marriage bedding which brand suitable, will be relatively good? Here’s a look at the contents of the article to bring you ten wedding bedding brand list.

married ten bedding brand rankings: Carolina


China famous brand, brand / brand, ten brands of home textiles, Shanghai.

was founded in 1992, is a professional engaged in home textiles, R & D, design, production and sales of textile enterprises; is one of the earliest in the domestic textile industry, and has formed its own unique style of textile enterprises.

married ten bedding brand rankings: Anna


China famous brand, brand / brand, ten brands of home textiles, Shenzhen.

was founded in August 1994, is a set of R & D center, advanced production base, a sound marketing service system and efficient logistics and distribution system in one of the powerful comprehensive strength of well-known textile enterprises.

married ten bedding brand rankings: NO.3 type

China well known trademark, Chinese famous brand, brand / brand, Hunan, Changsha.

main production and operation of bedding, soft furniture, a total of 8 categories, the 2600 varieties. The company now has three subsidiary companies: Hunan is the new Mstar Technology Ltd, Hunan Mei Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd. Nantong mendale. With "dream", "sleep", "dream baby" in three with significant market impact of the brand. The company’s comprehensive strength and sustainable development capacity in China’s textile industry ranked first.

wedding bedding ten brands list NO.4: Violet

China’s well-known trademarks, first-line brand, home textiles ten brands, Jiangsu, Nantong.

was founded in 1995, is the production of household products of the modern enterprise, with various kinds of imported computer quilting machine, high-speed sewing equipment nearly 1000, automated production capacity is higher, the main production and operation of quilting suite, suite class sheets. A single class, quilts, pillows, mattresses, curtains, blankets, children, art wall hanging category, such as the ten categories of hotels supporting nearly 400 varieties, is

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