Wang Xiaofeng, 70, leo. After graduating joined Procter & Gamble, one thousand is 9 years. In 2006, joined the Google Shanghai, became its first employee. In 2009, joining Coty, involved in the acquisition of TJOY case. In 2011, joined the Tencent, responsible for the realization of search. 2013, invited by Travis to join Uber, general manager of Shanghai. In 2015, joined the v-mobile bike, as co-founder and CEO.

The essence of

business is the same, selling shampoo and selling advertising in fact you do not imagine so big difference.

if you look down on the manufacturing sector, the supply chain, the lack of fear of manufacturing, in the end you will be very miserable, this is our money and time to buy a lesson.

share bicycle industry in one to two years, there will be a natural demise of the enterprise, and some will be formed by the merger of capital led.

the degree of civilization of a society, in fact, is the degree of civilization of each person, to a large extent depends on your respect for another person, or whether to consider for others.

car less people ride, adequate food and clothing that honour.

| dialogue: Wang Xiaofeng (Mobell bicycle CEO)

The origin of

Mobell bicycle is to help every city to affordable prices and more convenient to complete the trip, in order to wish to become reality, choose the bike this most popular transportation tool, and using the concept of innovation, combined with the Internet technology, the redesign of the body and to make intelligent lock using bicycle complete travel easier.

is now in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Singapore and even the city streets, orange wheel has been everywhere, and quickly became the industry’s "Red Net" and the capital market focus, created the "myth" is the v-mobile bicycle CEO Wang Xiaofeng.

and Davis are known for many years, when he was Uber Chinese, I have organized a visit to CEO, and then compared, can feel he is busy now. I was busy last night even too late, sleep in the office, I said jokingly is not exhausted, he lamented the energy is fortunately, time is not enough.

Wang Xiaofeng’s occupation resume a brilliant, once the service enterprise is job seekers dream, Procter & Gamble, Google, Coty (the world’s largest perfume maker), Tencent, Uber, seemingly each transformation, from the traditional consumer goods to the network company, to share the economy, but he said the business the essence is the same, so the difference between selling shampoo and sell advertising is not your imagination.


The Shanghai Office of


on why participation in entrepreneurial Mobell bicycle, he used four "very"

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