open restaurant franchise, it is necessary to purchase food ingredients. For the procurement staff, how to find a better and more favorable ingredients is the main work. But most of the time, some of the bad purchasing staff will choose improper way to eat kickbacks, how to prevent this phenomenon? Let’s take a look at the analysis.

we all know that the procurement is the conscience of life, so the quality and quality of the procurement staff has become the first choice. The buyer’s choice should be based on the personal quality of the buyer as the main object of study. The purchaser of the knowledge and experience and quality than it is secondary, to choose the kind of upright, not petty temptation, must be well educated. Because the temptation faced by procurement personnel can be imagined, whether it is money or purchase orders are essentially the same, many suppliers will find ways to pull relations with the procurement staff, rebates or red envelopes is still a must. This requires the Chinese procurement personnel "conscience" service, face the temptation of money must have a common heart, the gentleman’s love of money in a proper way, who seeks never served as the procurement of harm to the people himself, post.


from the beginning of procurement

"Well begun is half done". From the beginning of the purchase, that is, the selection of suppliers on the procurement of good control. For example, meat, seafood seasoning and long-term suppliers, to the relevant departments of the audit, and the final decision and the signing of the contract should not be a buyer, the other one can be completed by the buyer. The supplier is best not to "idea", not only conducive to better material flow, but also can avoid the buyer "to establish close relationship with in a certain extent".

regular market research


method is various entrepreneurial projects catering to join the most widely used restaurant shop, investigated regularly on the market, help to grasp the market, understand the price of the goods, quantity and quality of the relationship, compared with the related data items to their purchase, in order to discover and solve problems. The personnel who carry out the market investigation may be full-time, may also be employed by the financial personnel, the administrative personnel, even the manager, and may also be investigated by the rotation.

open restaurant franchise how to prevent the buyer to eat kickbacks? Many franchisees are very interested in this issue. In fact, this is a management problem, franchisees also need to study hard, only to be able to get a larger operating space, occupy more benefits. Are the above techniques useful to you? Learn quickly!

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