for some of the economically backward regions, a lot of people there is no source of income, can only rely on government subsidies to help scrape. However, in the process of guaranteeing the payment, due to many reasons, many people have not been able to receive the help of the government. So, how to solve the problem of urban and rural subsistence allowances in Guangyuan?

is a complete with strong staff. The municipal government issued "on the integration of social assistance resources improve the assistance system of opinions", the mandatory social assistance institutions according to each of the 2000 city residents object or every 5000 rural residents object to implement at least 1 full-time staff; township (street) social assistance agencies to implement the 1 staff at 1000 below the minimum target 1000, more than 2 staff to implement the minimum target; the village (neighborhood) committee such as the purchase of services by the government, to hire 1 social relief workers, to ensure that it is managed, the responsibility was negative.

two is to improve security standards. According to the notice of the National Bureau of statistics of the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of finance, the Provincial Bureau of statistics, Sichuan Province Survey Corps "released in 2015 on the province’s urban and rural residents standard of lower limit" (Sichuan min FA 2015 No. 89) requirements, since July 1, 2015 will be the city’s urban and rural living standards were increased to 370 and January 190 january.

three is an enhanced object management. The object is divided into "A, B, C, D" four categories (ie: "three noes" class, serious illness and disability category, the general difficulties, temporary difficult class) dynamic classification management. Comprehensive application of the household economic status check the information system, with the financial, taxation, industry and commerce, human society, vehicle administration and other 9 departments to share information. In 2015, a total of 134415 people were checked, the detection of the household income and property status of the 1619 passengers were not in accordance with the conditions of application and social assistance, which ensured that the object of social assistance was accurate, efficient and fair.

four is to strengthen policy convergence. The establishment of urban subsistence allowances system and the promotion of employment policy linkage mechanism, rural subsistence allowances and poverty alleviation and development policy effective convergence mechanism, the basic form of subsistence subsistence, poverty alleviation and employment to promote the development of the new pattern. 2015, the city’s newly included 11138 people to protect the object, exit the object of protection of 18642 passengers.

five is to improve the filing system. From the beginning of 2014, the establishment of minimal assurance personnel and village (community) cadres close relatives to enjoy subsistence allowances and avoidance system, where there are records and avoid all personnel in accordance with the provisions of the implementation. Up to now, the city has a record of more than 2350 people, the initiative to surrender the object of more than 3100 people effectively solve the existence of the relationship between urban and rural subsistence allowances, security, human security and other issues.

through this information report, we can see that Guangyuan in the settlement of urban and rural minimum living under the foot of the effort, recommended

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