in the era of innovation and entrepreneurship, the Chinese people’s creativity seems to be suddenly excited, can be seen in various fields entrepreneurs figure. Recently, Tianjin to create a new entrepreneurial projects, public welfare and entrepreneurship, to create a new public venture company.

PublicX public space initiated by the Tianjin Municipal Committee, Hedong District Youth League, the specific implementation of the government and social organizations to build two-way communication platform. The government can implement policy advocacy and guidance function of the public space, social organizations can reflect their needs and suggestions from the government, the government, enterprises and promote the registration of social organizations for project purchase settled through public space.

entrepreneurship at present in our country development is not mature, there are a lot of questions, also need to constantly groping forward the majority of entrepreneurs, established to meet the needs of the age of social entrepreneurship projects, which can meet the development of venture enterprise, without losing the essence of public welfare.

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