ICBC in Madrid, Spain, was arrested on suspicion of money laundering by the local government. There is news that the amount of money laundering on suspicion of 40 million euros, the bank has returned to normal business.

5 senior management personnel were taken away, involving money laundering may amount to at least 40 million euros, the ICBC was the Spanish authorities raided a branch of Madrid in 18 days continued to lead the domestic and foreign media attention, the details have been disclosed. ICBC head office 18, global times, responded by saying: I pay close attention to the progress of the investigation of the matter, ICBC Europe has been rushed to the responsible person and the lawyer of Madrid branch."

18, ICBC head office responded that the strict implementation of the anti money laundering provisions, strictly adhere to the law compliance management, is the basic principle of management of ICBC has always insisted on the. Madrid branch is actively cooperate with the investigation. According to the Global Times reporter, ICBC branch of Madrid has resumed operations in the morning of 18.

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