small business, as the name suggests, is relying on a lower cost to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, in the current environment of such a complex business, because of funding constraints, the success of the business is very difficult. Therefore, only by following the relevant rules, it is possible to make their own career greater success. So, small entrepreneurs should follow what rules?

first, do not go to a black road, to listen to the views of many improvements.

a lot of young entrepreneurs have more personality, often according to their own habits to act resolutely. This is for the first, the two industry, the problem may not be very serious, because this is a simple commodity trading process, who buy money who is.

With the rise and development of the third industry, such as the service industry, the film and television industry, the intermediary industry, such as selling the brand and service, the brand is the purchasing power, service is the vitality of the

. The business strategy is changing with the change of our customers and our customers. If the operator does not listen to the voice of the market, it is likely to lead to their own business bankruptcy.

second, no diamond, do not embrace porcelain live.

small business the most taboo is bluffing, unrealistic. Now many young people out of the family, friends and classmates all the pressure, eager to show themselves, to prove their strength in entrepreneurship training did not participate in any circumstances, to do some of their own capacity.

some time ago to listen to a teacher, said the employees of an enterprise, professional ability is very strong, all kinds of technical problems encountered can solve skilled and efficient work, but by the company to the management, transaction shilly-shally, overcautious, several times because treatment is not timely due to the loss of the company. This tells us that if you do not have to meet the requirements of entrepreneurs, but also can not clearly estimate their bearing on the risk and pressure from the cause, then please do not impulse, impulse is the devil ah!

third, wary of joining the trap.

is now on the market there are many franchising industry, for example, we all know the bang bang chicken, duck neck, Moumou Moumou Moumou broth powder, is there really a benefit analysis he told you listed money then? In fact, most of the projects are in order to join the entrepreneur to join the cost and equipment costs, follow-up did not provide guidance.

has also promised to join the project, as long as after the purchase amount can return all fees, to attract a lot of impulse of entrepreneurs, the result was found, their turnover is simply not up to the provisions of the return.

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