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franchise, and set up their own unique brand and by the world recognized, then your innovation is the way of success, take the food and beverage industry, many food brands flourish, but each brand products are also similar, but gradually people have for the traditional delicious taste fatigue, need is on the market of new products to stimulate the barbecue, bibimbap refer to the Korean bibimbap, combined with Chinese taste research, established in Dalian since the first franchise store, began to develop rapidly.

Sister Zhang (Zhang Xiumei) on the humane and personalized barbecue bibimbap, delicate and diversified services for the purpose of supporting stores outlets and stores two, the implementation of unified management headquarters franchisee members, headquarters to provide food product updates, all the members of the company and the franchisee through joint efforts to create the most prosperous. Classic, fashion, respected features fast-food brand! Our adhering to the "customer, quality, speed, service" for the purpose of business first, make friends with a sincere attitude to long-term cooperation, the Sister Zhang barbecue bibimbap store has covered all over the country, as long as you want to join Sister Zhang barbecue bibimbap, can go to study at any time, sincerely welcome you to develop business with us to establish and


has a Sister Zhang bibimbap barbecue in Guangzhou?

Guangzhou, referred to as the "ear", called Xiao Chu Ting, Panyu City, Guangdong Province, is the provincial and sub provincial city, National Center City, large city. Guangzhou is located in central and southern Guangdong Province, Dongjiang, Xijiang, Beijiang interchange, the Pearl River Delta in the north, near the South China Sea, is the headquarters of the southern China theater command.

from the Qin Dynasty, Guangzhou has been the county governance, state governance, government administration center. For more than two thousand years, it has been the political, military, economic, cultural and scientific center of Southern China. Guangzhou is a famous historical and cultural city of South of the Five Ridges, and it is also one of the places of prosperity and prosperity of the culture branch.

Guangzhou is an international metropolis of the State Council, one of the country’s three major cities, and Beijing, Shanghai, said the "North canton".

Guangzhou from 230s to become the main port of the maritime Silk Road, Tang and Song Dynasties to become China’s largest port. Ming and Qing Dynasties, Guangzhou has become China’s only foreign trade port, is the most important port in the history of China’s Silk Road on the sea, [4] has the Millennium providers, said the two. Coupled with a large number of foreigners, also known as the third world capital".

Guangzhou barbecue Sister Zhang bibimbap? Sister Zhang barbecue in this city is natural food stores in Zengcheng City, Guangdong Province, Li Road, Guangzhou City Road Jianggao Daejeon Village No. 9 East eight transverse field and have



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