I have been with the Internet

imperceptibly, accompanied by the passed four years, in the past four years, there have been surprises, there have been sad, had a memorable bit. If you like, I would like to tell you what happened in the past four years,

me, a native of rural children, born in a village in Jiangsu, Pizhou. When I was young, my parents told me that I was a college student when I grew up.

in the end, I was disappointed by my parents. I went to the Conservatory of music for my favorite girl. Carrying all the people do not understand and look down on the eyes of my music on the road.

after school deceived into MLM a year out of business in Lianyungang, a half day, half a day to purchase a stall. Then went home after three years to open the toy store, and finally closed in the end. And in the construction site for more than a month.

do not shop, they go to the factory to work. Finally, in a fitness equipment factory which has stabilized, is like a labor force inside the site all day, pull the car all day to deal with cement.

that was around 2010 October, I used the first salary in the fitness equipment factory to earn nearly three thousand yuan, and bought the first computer in my life. From then on, I began my network of entrepreneurship,

, Wangzhuan

before you buy a computer, I have heard many people say that the Internet can make money, also can drive Taobao to sell. However, before I do not have a computer, let alone make money online.

bought a computer after half a month to give me the broadband installed computer, I anxious. When broadband is installed, I am happy, simple is the happiest thing in life.

bought a computer, I began to play QQ, watching movies, the first to play some of the play. Then go to work during the day, go home at night to learn how to make money online.

at that time, in the online search to make money online, online money are some entrepreneurial projects. It can be said to find some like advertising, could not find the Witkey tutorial.

in the end, hard work pays off. I was contacted by one of the first ad League CPA projects. I look at the video if there is a person to register a few dollars, there are dozens of dollars.

I would like to be so simple, a day to register ten, a $ten on a $one hundred. I am full of curiosity and desire to make money online. I use the book in the evening to write the knowledge in the book, the second day of work, at noon to rest time to see.

in the evening to go home to do to make money online, then found that the advertising alliance also can do, but the video finished a few lessons behind to do a website, I saw a liar out of the.

later, I came in contact with the code, hook, Witkey, survey etc.. The code >

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