where there was a family home, where there is a window that is also one of the curtains, curtains by selling success, become rich, process is certainly very hard, let us look at how she is successful.

poor Huang Binglan through their own business, many years of efforts to start the business of the curtain shop for them to dig a huge wealth, the opportunity is always left to those who are prepared. Huang Binglan is a typical Hakka sister, hard-working and kind-hearted.

Huang Binglan was born on 1978 in Changting County, Longyan City, Huang Fang Cun, have not graduated from junior high school, his father died, his mother remarried. There are 80 year old grandmother at home, there is a brother and sister at school in the next two. In order to bear the burden of the family, Huang Binglan dropped out of school at the age of 14. Grandma in under the guidance of Huang Binglan from early to late to work, 10 acres of land near the farm alone dry down. Once, rice fields have yellow dwarf disease, leaves turn yellow, Huang Binglan anxious to know how to do. She will be the case and grandma said again, grandma taught her to buy pesticide spray, spray to noon, the weather is hot, Huang Binglan fainted in the field. Thanks to the neighbors to see Huang Binglan back home. Some hard work, eventually harvest. Rice harvest. Work experience, make Huang Binglan from the shoulders or hands, not to carry, can pick a hundred pounds of millet eighty, hard times, turned her into a firm and indomitable, hard-working personality.

entrepreneurial road, starting from scratch hard entrepreneurial story

Po Ling village is located in the suburbs of Yongan, the city soon let the development of Huang Binglan’s home was moved. Huang Binglan was restless, and her husband Huang Wangyong to discuss business opportunities. The opportunity is to prepare people, by the end of 2008, Huang Binglan eldest sister because of the birth of a child to go home under the home, located in the first city of the city of the first half of the curtain shop ready to transfer, Huang Binglan took over. Entrepreneurship is difficult, Huang Binglan is a quick tempered man, because there is no business, she often because of anxiety and insomnia, the most difficult 3 months time, the weight of her weight from 52 kg to about 44 kg. Under the comfort of her husband, she finally got through this.

curtain shop in the first half belong to the off-season. Huang Binglan saw the summer opportunities, and bedding, borrow twenty thousand yuan purchase. It is very important to carry out the low price sale and control the purchase cost. Huang Binglan inspected the textile market in Nantong city of Jiangsu province and Hubei city of province. In order to save money, from Yongan by train to Jiangsu, Nantong, 32 hours of life on the car, every meal with instant noodles for lunch and dinner, breakfast is omitted. After coming back, Huang Binglan to design their own bedding, with ingenuity, the business has been improvement.

do the investigation, Huang Binglan eye-opening. Since then, as long as one is free, she went to the field to learn, learn the new shape and design of the curtain, back to Yongan and recommend

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