for business beginners, no abundant experience seems to lack of confidence, so many entrepreneurs have chosen online venture to open their own business trip, mostly because of the low threshold for online projects.

A, undercutting rule

in search engines (such as Baidu) to join the search project name, see his ranking, website promotion is a gradual process, not a short duration of time. Only after a long period of operation, the visibility of the site will be more and more big. The search engine will be based on the credibility of the site’s traffic and information, the investigation if he can on the home page, from a certain point of view, he still has a certain strength and high selectivity.

two, the law of time

The development of

a mature enterprise or not, have a great relationship with the operation period. Although not all business life is the longer the better, but at least the development of a mature brand can not overnight success, nor is it a matter of one or two years. Believe that time is the best witness.

three, join rule

to join the franchise headquarters must have more than one hundred. The leader of the franchisee support and support, and look at the price of their competitive advantage. A product may not be cheap enough, good brands like KFC, at high prices as some people choose to join, mainly to see the picture of the product quality and shop.

four, the contract law

five, location rule

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