in the public business of the times, if you also dream of their own, but because of too much worry about the risk of business failure and hesitated, then you don’t need to have this fear, want to go to a business, this is not unfounded, this is the conclusion of a report.

really, if you want to start a business, act immediately, Right Now!

An associate professor at Gustavo Manso

California Berkeley University made a research project for the last 30 years, in this project, he followed the successful and unsuccessful entrepreneur occupation career, finally reached the following two conclusions:

Conclusion: the

a serial entrepreneur in life entrepreneurs than those who did not dare to take risks and have been going to work in the company workers to earn 10%.

conclusion two: entrepreneurs who started their own businesses but failed to start their own business, they return to work after the company, they earn salaries and those who have never started the office workers is actually the same.

Manso concluded that the first did not make people feel surprised. After all, a lot of people start a business is one of the most attractive place to start a business, as a founder of the company you may earn more money than people who work.

Manson, however, came to the conclusion that second people are surprised by a lot of people.


since most entrepreneurs will end up in failure, a lot of entrepreneurs want to be full before deciding whether to start the business, the heart may have the following ideas:

"I’m 24 years old now and I really want to start my own business. If the business two years later, finally failed, I was wasted in the above two years, which means that in the past two years I missed in the present work may get a promotion and raise a chance. After the failure to return to work in the company, when I was 26 years old, I do not want to hold a salary of 24 years old."

Manso’s study, however, shows that the worry is completely unnecessary.

those who want to start the business may think, since the probability of failure of such a big business, if the venture fails, which may greatly reduce their income in the next career. However, this is not the case. Even if you fail to start a business, as long as they can quickly change their minds and adapt to the role of their own ordinary office workers, then these entrepreneurs will not have any loss of income.

you may wish to look at the problem from the point of view of the company’s Recruitment Supervisor or the company’s CEO. If you are the company’s Recruitment Supervisor or CEO, you are willing to promote work in the past two years

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