in undertaking such a path, want to Everything is going smoothly. have been smooth sailing, development, one thing is almost impossible. The existence of a variety of bottlenecks, so many entrepreneurs have to give up. In fact, as long as we can break through the bottleneck, the success of the business is entirely possible. Of course, the premise is that we can recognize the nature of the various bottlenecks we will appear on the road. For many college students entrepreneurs, the well-known bottlenecks are three. So, what are the three major bottlenecks college students?

is a year of employment season, in a field after the recruitment, many college graduates still feel unable to find their own position, simply venture. But college students less entrepreneurial experience, easy to encounter three bottlenecks in the entrepreneurial road.

The first bottleneck of

— lack of experience.

Li opened a clothing store, but because the vision is not allowed, resulting in pressure on the stock. Her initial venture capital of only 40 thousand yuan, inventory pressure on the $20 thousand, making her miserable. Many college students are likely to encounter the same problem and Xiao Li, it is lack of experience. College students are advised to look at the market, not rashly.

second big bottleneck — capital pressure.

college graduates tend to borrow money from their parents to get the money, the amount will not be too large, so that their financial pressure and those who have a number of economic base white-collar entrepreneurs are different. Financial pressure directly led to their quick success mentality, in this state of mind, the decision is prone to errors, resulting in business plan abortion.

third bottlenecks – weak connections.

college students tend to overestimate their ability, will not deal with customer relationships, in fact, independent entrepreneurs need to pick up firewood, so entrepreneurship is easy to succeed. However, they are often weak social relationships, there is no network, which gives them a lot of interference caused by entrepreneurship, affect efficiency, reduce the probability of success.

if college students can break through these three bottlenecks, then their entrepreneurial road will be a lot of flat. College students interested in entrepreneurship can make use of the school during the study, to participate in social activities, try to work study program, this is undoubtedly a good opportunity to increase their experience and contacts.

a lot of college students embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, because they can not find a suitable job, if in such a way to start a business, the probability of success can be imagined. In short, if college students want to start the business, these three bottlenecks also need to pay attention to.

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