when entrepreneurship has become more and more people realize the dream of the way, when the customer has become a dream of the spokesman, what are you waiting for? Before doing a thing, an objective analysis of their environment, their actual situation, how to do things in the end, which direction to play a crucial role. Entrepreneurship is the case, for most of them are born in rural areas, there is no special background of the new farmers, can not tolerate the slightest ambiguity, we do not have much home can stand.

the holiday should be teacher Bi Huifang about her stock in the new agricultural school for more than 1 hours of online sharing. Share the content, about my first year of entrepreneurship some practical thinking. After all, the first few years of entrepreneurship are very difficult, and the first step is often difficult. In order not to let their own off the bend, to share their own set a theme before the so-called "new farmers how to live in the first year of entrepreneurship?" This is actually a very big topic. Moreover, each person’s ability, resources and background are not the same, each day. I will take my share as my own life, not only the exchange of inspiration for reference copy. The following, on the basis of my speech on the day of the deletion and increase.

1, first think good in the end is entrepreneurship, or business, or do business, and then transition to entrepreneurship. There is a big difference between the two different orientations. Entrepreneurship, emphasizing the development of specialization of sustainability, more long-term investment, the pursuit of scale, the value of the model. Must have a professional, strong execution of the team, sustained and steady operation, and can be upgraded to become a social needs to solve the pain point model. While doing business, is lower than that of a person, two person, the basic business logic is very simple, and some others need to put their butt on the line, has its own outstanding strengths in certain aspects, you can open the valve business. Of course, there is a possibility of conversion between the two, there is no absolute limit.

2, where are you in the field? Is the production of cultivation, is a professional service, is the flow of channels, consulting, marketing, training services, or fans or community operations, or investment and financing. Is to do a raw material supplier, or to do the brand, or do channels, or do service. According to their own conditions, the ability to conduct a single breakthrough, and can not do anything. But now I am

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