many bosses want to venture to get rich, but faced with the choice of industry is difficult, the industry entry difficult, difficult issues such as risk aversion, here you can recommend to the boss of successful entrepreneurs can do not lose the hardware store chain project, help you to get rich.

. A hardware industry advantage: hardware industry has the following advantages than other industries:

If any people have bought bolt, bulb, plug, tap any experience, family, office, workshop, site, businesses are in need of our goods are our potential customers, so customers especially.

two. Our advantage:

we absolutely leading in the domestic distribution level makes the chain of each commodity funds rarely, each chain store available a few million ~ hundreds of thousands of commodity funds, the realization of the 2000 varieties of goods and set out, complete store other hundreds of thousands yuan, millions of dollars in inventory in order to achieve the sales performance and varieties display effects.

each chain store in the capital under the premise of occupying little, but realized commodity varieties specifications, complete varieties and specifications counter. The goods are not all for this market rules, >

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