now, the popular cowboy is not limited to touch an area or a certain area, therefore, there are many people pointing to this opportunity, how to grasp this opportunity, this is really a business or a cloud, let us in the "little witch Cowboy" to join the brand analysis.

Cowboy "cowboy Girl" brand is the Hongkong magic card Apparel Group’s flagship brand. But Hongkong’s "little devil fish", "little monsters" is the Hongkong magic card clothing group flagship brand extension. "LWD" is "Little Witch Denim" in english. Small Witch brand dress into the international fashion cowboy style, the development of the Korean version of clothing based, has become a well-known brand in foreign, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. "Fashion, quality, personality" is the operating philosophy of the small Witch costumes, customer demand oriented, quality to witness the benefits, in order to win the reputation of integrity. Hongkong magic card clothing group’s domestic market is headquartered in fashion capital – Guangzhou. Changsha is the core operating Department of the domestic market, in order to carry out the chain operation of various regions of the country. The brand operation system of Hongkong magic card clothing group set design, development, production, sales as one of the chain management mode based on the development of the retail store, the implementation of brand promotion, marketing, terminal planning, target management, performance management, support the operation of the market.

"integrity management, perfect management" won the majority of consumers and dealers alike. Brand philosophy: integrity development, create win win win brand objective: create the perfect products to help businesses operating without significant risk, corporate responsibility. Hand in hand dealers to achieve brand upgrades, work together to enhance brand awareness and reputation, so that market share has continued to grow. Product concept: my zone is defined by you. Do what you are satisfied with, and let your thoughts come true. Taking the essence of international fashion jeans, cowboy beautiful set ha ha. Present cowboy style.

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