successful to give us 30 business motto, Xiaobian hope to share with you:

1, if you are doomed to be a businessman, you should be ready to accept the fate of greedy beat.

2, the more great adventure, more need great caution.

3, business with the government.

4, the so-called "dark hands", the surface is flatter and flatter each other, in fact is that each other, to put pressure on each other. Under normal circumstances, this "dark holding" is to talk about the big business will be used when the conversation trick.

5, would rather lose, don’t lose heart.

7, for a businessman, only business problems can make them do.

8, as a businessman, an attention to the dignity of the businessmen, business failures encountered by the great tragedy of life is cruel.

9, the great deception can completely successful, can only happen between friends.

10, the life of the many changes there are signs, but people often ignore these signs, which is about the tragedy of life.

11, in this world, there are always some peace is playing out, and there are always some peace is about it. It’s like in business.

12, "Begonia flower good-looking, not in color, and in the spirit of…… Life is the same, not in appearance, but in conservation……".

13, if two people have the business, can no longer be friends!

15, once the risk associated with the opportunity to appear at the same time, who will care about the risk of


16, a huge change in the business of all.

19, the first great speculation was meant to be, and then is satisfactory.

20, many big things are often lost in.

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