in some professional places, the magnifying glass is essential. But with the aging of the serious, many old people love to use a magnifying glass to replace old glasses, which undoubtedly makes the magnifying glass market is more and more big, the brand is more and more. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the magnifying glass of the top ten brands, so that everyone can have a more comprehensive understanding of the magnifying glass market brand.

magnifier ten brands list NO.1, ESCHENBACH: spower should be founded in 1913 in Germany, one of Germany and the world famous brand top optical, worldwide sales, Xi’an ougeer trading agent.

magnifier ten brands list NO.2, Weida Shi Waltex: in 1955, the world’s first personalized design professional magnifier brand, famous brand old reading glasses, Dongguan the Great Wall optical plastic factory ltd..

magnifier ten brands list NO.3, SCHWEIZER as Vader: founded in 1840 in Germany, is committed to improving product vision of a world-class supplier of world famous European Sheng (Beijing) trading agent.

magnifying glass ten brands list NO.4, Asia Pacific: R & D and manufacturing / export as one of the production-oriented enterprises, the largest domestic varieties of one of the largest manufacturers / sales, Ningbo Asia Pacific Optical Instrument Co., ltd..

magnifier ten brands list NO.5, effective DELI: national protection of trademark, the famous brand of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang province famous trademark, the domestic stationery industry leading enterprises, national high-tech enterprise, deli Group Co Ltd.

magnifying glass ten brands list NO.6, Ming FA: in 1993, Zhejiang Province high-tech enterprises, Wenzhou patent demonstration enterprises, professional R & D and production of optical products business, Wenzhou Ming optical technology Co., ltd..

magnifying glass ten brands list NO.7, Bo Yu: magnifying glass professional manufacturers, with more than 20 years of production history, one of the largest companies in the industry, the magnifying glass of the top ten brands, Zhejiang Bo Yu Optical Co., ltd..

magnifier ten brands list NO.8, Bao Pro’skit: in Taiwan in 1991, committed to the development of all kinds of tools and instruments and other professional well-known manufacturers, sold around the world, Shanghai Bao Tools Co. ltd..

magnifier ten brands list NO.9, MAPED MAPED: France in 1947, one of the world’s most famous students and office supplies manufacturers, the top ten magnifying glass brand, Suzhou MAPED office supplies

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