knows a little bit of marketing people know, the beginning whether you ready to enter the market which, first should understand the entrepreneurial project market positioning is what you like, like sprint, speed is the key, but if you start in the wrong direction, you will not run fast arrived at the end point, the direction is wrong, that from the outset doomed your failure.

market positioning is the position of the enterprise and the product in the target market. Market positioning is the marketing experts from the United States Ai · Rees and Jack Traut put forward in 1972, which means that the enterprise according to the competitors for existing products in the market place for customer attention to this kind of product with certain characteristics or attributes, for the enterprise products shape out of the ordinary, gives the impression of a distinctive image, and this image vividly to the customers, in order to enable the product to determine the appropriate position in the market. This white hot competition in the market, it is particularly important, there is no positioning, consumers will put your brand and store abandoned, eventually closed down, then how to choose their own coffee market positioning

is the first to analyze the status quo of the target market of the coffee shop, to identify the potential competitive advantage of the company.

the central task of this step is to answer the following three questions: one is how to rival product positioning; two is the target market customer satisfaction and how also need what, three is the market positioning and potential competitors, customers really need to put forward the enterprise should do what and what to do. To answer these three questions, the enterprise marketing personnel must through all means of research. To systematically design, search, analyze and report the data and results of the above.

followed by coffee stores to show a unique competitive advantage and re positioning.

First of all, through a series of promotional activities, the

will spread its unique competitive advantage to potential customers and make a deep impression on customers. To this end, enterprises should first make the target customers to understand, know, know, agree, like and prefer the market positioning of the enterprise, in the eyes of the customer to establish the image consistent with the positioning. Secondly, enterprises should take all kinds of efforts to strengthen the image, to maintain the target customer’s understanding, stabilize the attitude of the target customers and deepen the feelings of the target customers to consolidate the image consistent with the market.

is the final choice of the competitive advantage of the coffee shop, the initial positioning of the target market.

The competitive advantage of

indicates that the ability of an enterprise to exceed its competitors. This ability can be either existing or potential. The choice of competitive advantage is actually a business and the competitors are real

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