lingerie shops everywhere, whether in the business or in the vicinity of the district. The development prospects of the industry is good, if you want to invest in underwear stores need to find out what steps need to be specific. Many novice on this issue is not very clear, then Xiaobian together to learn about it, to ensure that you clear.

ideological orientation: do you want to what kind of clear your target population, they all have preferences and consumption ability how? Only shrink your target population, determine the development direction of you after you to more effectively put into action! Then all around the theme of your mind to operation: storefront location, product selection, decoration style.

decoration style: a piece of decoration that can be selected according to the product to do. General underwear brands have their own image of the VI out, to provide guidance or decoration of the image of the corresponding items on the support. Multi brand stores here should pay attention to the unity and coordination between each brand image.

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