era is different, the tobacco market also ushered in a major change, as a result of the new era of tobacco products, and now the share of the major retail stores is growing. But want to make a fine cigarette return, naturally also need to master the relevant business skills, so that the product will be better to sell out. So, how to sell fine cigarette? Let Xiaobian analysis and analysis for you.

I store fine cigarette from last year’s "Nanjing" series of three specifications of the development of today’s "Taishan" "Lanzhou" "Mount Huangshan" "Zhenlong" and other brands of nine specifications. Now the low tar cigarettes are more and more favored by consumers, especially thin cigarettes, but also attracted a lot of consumption. Here are some suggestions for my experience.

first to make a fresh sample". The fine cigarette purchased by loading put into form, on display in the cigarette back cabinet, a prominent position before the cabinet to display in the packet specification smoke cabinet, fancy packaging and display style to attract the attention of customers, enhance the customer to fine cigarette impression.

then do the introduction wonderful". To break the fine cigarette is the traditional concept of women smoke, the use of the characteristics of thin smoke spread of the local customs, aimed at the consumer groups, increase curiosity. For example, young people like novelty, smoking is not large, but to see others smoke, I would also like to try. Seize the consumer heart, clever promotion, in order to increase the desire to purchase consumer groups.

finally do not worry". Do not want to put down the psychological burden, do not think that the time is not long thin cigarette market, consumer awareness is low, one or two times after the sale, consumers do not want to buy to dispel the enthusiasm – this is a major taboo sales. Not only to do sales, fine explanation, to increase their confidence, but also to allow consumers to try, in order to impress the consumer, so that more attention to smoke cigarettes.

if you want to make their own shops to sell this product, first of all, they need to be full of confidence in this product, so as to be able to master more other business skills, will make the product to achieve sales. So, if you are the owner of a retail store, you will choose to sell cigarettes?

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