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in today’s era of entrepreneurship, to create a business platform is a very important thing, Hainan Province recently to further promote employment and promote entrepreneurship, provides many training opportunities for the majority of entrepreneurs.

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to undergo entrepreneurship, with the consent of the original unit, reserve personnel relations within 3 years since the signing of the agreement does poineering work from the date of the original units and other staff equal in professional titles, job level promotion and social insurance and other rights. The original unit shall, according to the actual situation of the professional and technical personnel, sign or change the employment contract, clarify the rights and obligations. It will encourage more people to undergo entrepreneurship, but also solve the entrepreneurial menace from the rear left.

in public business period, to promote entrepreneurship employment pattern has been affirmed by people at the same time, start with employment is also a good social model, positive for social entrepreneurs to provide a good business opportunity is very important.


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