want to open a hot pot restaurant, you want to design their own store? Each restaurant must have its own characteristics in order to better attract consumers to join the more reliable. The following Xiaobian for you to focus on some of the details of the decoration:

1, according to the size of the hall area of the treasure pot market positioning, hall area of 200 square meters above the request, the table at more than 20 tables.

2, the decoration style is full of treasure Hot pot low levels of consumption, average per capita consumption of 30 yuan, diners mostly belong to the lower middle class, hall decoration not too luxurious, generous to the whole, which should be in line with the decoration style uniform, bright style, principle of environment level of medium, create a warm and simple dining environment for the purpose of.

3, restaurant furniture and reasonable planning (according to the company’s standard execution) 1, table table, table, table three points round table, round table diameter is 120cm or 140cm, the appropriate number of dining table for about ten; 80cm× 120cm, 2-4 for people dining table; 110cm× 110cm, 6-8 for dinner.

2, Taiwan (meal preparation cabinet) fall Taiwan is a storage cabinet and table, cabinet storage tableware, counter up down under the food, beverage and other supplies on the counter. Commonly used specifications: 80cm long, 50cm wide, height of 70cm. The proportion of the number of tables and tables for the general: 1:2-1:4, the number of detailed and placed according to the layout of the table layout.

3, chair of dining room chair to the overall style and restaurant harmony, common request with a wooden chair is better. Other configuration settings in the hall can be seen in the store equipment configuration table.

4, restaurant channel

(1), guest: guest line to line from the door to the seat between the channel smoothly as the basic request, in general the use of straight lines, because any twists and turns. Set up in the area of Taiwan, you can deposit tableware, but also help service staff to shorten the road.

(2), the attendant: attendant line line length in the restaurant has a direct impact on the working efficiency of the criterion on the shorter the better. The attendant line layout, road work line pay no attention to a direction too concentrated, as far as possible to remove unnecessary detour in the region, setting off the table, can deposit tableware, but also help to shorten the service personnel walking road.

5, gas (power) layout should be in the natural gas, gas pipeline to maintain the location, in the decoration should be fully embedded. Gas for oxygen welding, after the completion of the compression test, no leakage. If liquefied gas cylinders, it should be placed under the table, placed in the direction of the gas stove switch should pay attention to both the service staff to adjust the size of the furnace, but also convenient for customers to adjust the size of the furnace. In addition, the room should be equipped with sufficient

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