has a lot of very touching story and person in our life at the same time, in such a business oriented society, people want to change their fate and change their lives, only by undertaking such a way.

from the left leg disability to drop out of school youth sitting on millions of dollars in assets of the mobile phone repair experts, to experience the story of how


"life in the face of the test, is to insist on or give up in their own hands." Turning to the various difficulties, he was calm and free.

he called Shaw Jiabao, was born in 1982 in Yongzhou County of Xintian. An ordinary name, a different entrepreneurial life.

life turning point, to learn a craft

3 years old, his father divorced. At the age of 4, he was scalded by boiling water, left leg falls lifelong disability. As a result of his father’s disability, he was discriminated from childhood, and ultimately because of his family, he had to choose to drop out of Central South University.

in the turning point of life, Xiao Jiabao has a strong selection. At the age of 19, he had 200 yuan saved his father live frugally, alone on the North Changsha train.

he used his understand electronics expertise, while self-study while working in a mobile phone repair shop. In the evening he taught himself to two or three, the study of mobile phone repair technology.

I want to learn a craft as a business to business

." In 2004, finally learned Shaw Jiabao, brewing their own open a store.

the way to harvest, career and love

2004 years, Xiao Jiabao in Changsha Wu Wu rented a 8 square meters facade, designed to do mobile phone repair.

"technology to be confident, to be honest and trustworthy, to do business." Xiao Jiabao said, although the mobile phone repair market potential is unlimited, but the beginning of the foundation must play a solid, way to go wider. It is also based on this concept, he will be named "Sanxin company". Although his company is not located on the street facade, is full of customers, Zhangjiajie, Chenzhou, Xinjiang, Fujian and even as far as foreign customers have also used mail to the mobile phone repair.

and he in the creation of wealth, but also the harvest of love, have a happy family of three.

wealth comments

"31" spirit dreams

success on Shaw Jiabao, "specific" hard to master a craft, "a" few years like a day "letter" to persevere, will recommend honesty

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