food and beverage brands in the category of more influential to join the project is a good porridge Road, and good porridge road why so successful? What is the way to build the brand? Look at the following small series for you to introduce these, you will certainly be helpful to store management.

good porridge road breakfast brand management strategy analysis, the main points are as follows: seven

first, to avoid the Red Sea dispute, join the catering blue ocean strategy

all the week, catering market continued prosperity, a variety of new restaurants have to shop, to the development of many new land; old food and traditional food, the development of prosperity in the market, encouragement, fierce competition. There have been a large number of competitors face to face, side by side shop situation, which is a mature red sea. Good porridge road always adhere to the "market segmentation" and "path of differentiation", both from the large Chinese restaurant in the high-end and luxury, and is different from the Hot pot, soup pot, the pot dry rough, fast food is also different from the civilians, which based on the routine, to avoid the red sea battle, the occupation of market segments. After years of operation and development, the overall positioning of good porridge Road, in the vast dining market has a huge space for development.

two, with porridge as the carrier, the integration of a variety of product positioning strategy

good porridge road is to "porridge" as the carrier, but adhere to the "good porridge, product structure positioning principle not only do porridge", to learn the essence of Cantonese restaurant, with Guangdong, Sichuan and Guangdong Guangdong dishes, snacks, sugar, burning halogen soup, rice, lotus leaf rice barcecue baozaifan etc. boutique business packages and Sichuan flavor dishes and other dishes, "nutrition and health, delicious fashion" as the theme of consumption, thus forming a "Guangdong, Kawa Tamesuke, diversified product structure positioning both north and South".

three, not to meet everyone, only the target customer business

in the face of the diversified development of the social level today, the level of food consumption is also high and low levels, different demand. Good porridge road to fashionable men and women, city white-collar workers, business people as the main target consumer groups, accurate positioning, so as to ensure the stable source, also achieved more than 60% of the gross profit space, truly worry about the source, do not worry about


four, grasp the trend of fashion, style simple fashion

regardless of the combination of Chinese and Western or traditional and modern, in the growing aesthetic of today, more and more people prefer a simple fashion. Whether it is a good way to decorate the style or brand image positioning, adhere to neither conservative nor unconventional route >

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