is now in the social life, cosmetics have become a lot of people living at the same time, in the process of operating cosmetics shop, purchase is a very important link, now want to successfully shop, need to know what the purchase link.

operator from the general cosmetics (cosmetics) wholesale market and manufacturers purchase, accounted for more than 68%. What are the purchase channels of cosmetics


1, the wholesale market is relatively easy to find, whether it is a traditional store or shop, you can go directly to the wholesale market purchase, brand underwear.

2, online search, you can easily find a lot of wholesalers. Large wholesalers are generally direct and factory orders, relatively stable supply. What are the channels for the purchase of cosmetics, 3, adequate supply of goods from the manufacturers, high credit, the most important thing is to ensure that genuine.

4, from the wholesale market and manufacturers purchase, the price is basically very low, chemical products to join, even the cost price. Followed by the wholesale site, which accounted for 22%, is also a very high proportion of.

What are the


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