underwear store, will certainly encounter a variety of customers, for different consumers and franchisees should pay attention to the way under the reception and service, if you are on this aspect of the business method is not very familiar, Xiaobian compiled some information, I hope to help you do a good job management.

1. as the center of the consumers: consumers are such and grasp principles of underwear store store underwear products selection, they are generally not easily change to persuasion and guide. Often such consumers concerned about the long underwear will be of interest to him, then our staff should take the initiative to find suitable size for such consumers try.

2. is about the consumer: the consumers in the choice of underwear products are sometimes, they will because of this reason or which shilly-shally, then we should take the initiative to talk to the clerk, to understand the reason, stand in the other position for consumers to consider, suggest, but we must pay attention to the tone and content should be professional, and clear, do not let consumers more hesitant.

3. for talkative consumers: for this type of consumer, we should talk less, listen more. And to take the goods to meet the basic requirements. Don’t argue with his views. If the underwear store business is busy, it is polite to retire, then immediately turned to the other guests in the same service, don’t ignore the consumers.

4. words less consumers: first carey observe and quickly determine their point of interest, and then take the initiative to deal with the advantages of their products, and pay attention to the language of simple and touching.

5. entangled consumers: our shopping guide to listen carey to the reasons for their entanglement, and then take it away from the store.

6.: discerning consumers underwear store shopping guide to believe your business underwear is good, have an advantage, when consumers face discerning should be of confidence, with the professional inspection more stringent standards to inform consumers to understand the product quality to withstand scrutiny.

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