can now often hear a lot of entrepreneurial stories, many of them are from the pawn began to struggle, finally achieved impressive success. So, for those who have entrepreneurial preparation for college students, the following characteristics of the project can choose.

5 19, 2009, Weihai Youth League Secretary of the Communist Youth League, Yang received a project submitted by students to apply for admission, which is received since May 4th, the application of the project sixth. Not far away, Simon, a four story is "youth entrepreneurship incubator", an area of 2000 square meters, can accommodate dozens of entrepreneurial projects at the same time to hatch, now 18 projects have been successfully settled, business school sophomore project is one of the quiet valley.

Valley is static and several students to prepare for the establishment of "network of Fashion Design Co. ltd.". "This idea is derived from a specialized course called supply chain logistics management." Gu Jing said she would like to build a personalized clothing design and manufacture of network supply and demand platform, service charge.

07 law school Wang Yuanmin founded the Weihai compass Media Co., Ltd. has begun to profit. Campus investment. The company makes use of the geographical advantage of Weihai near South Korea to buy Korean clothing and cosmetics. They set up a "full Korean network" to the Korean version of clothing, digital electronics as the main products, in 2010 October on the line, the existing more than 1000 registered members, 500 to 700 months the number of orders, direct service terminal consumer 13000. More than six months, the company turnover of about 300000 yuan, profit of about 20%. For the storage of goods, the company also rented a 2000 square meters of warehouse, this year the need to pay rent $50 thousand.

as entrepreneurial projects with their professional match, Wang Yuanmin specially invited two classmates to join the business school. Both of them are my partners, but also the company’s’ think tank ‘, encountered problems can also ask teachers." In the process of purchasing Korean goods, Wang Yuanmin also found that some South Korean customers and Chinese agents often occur economic disputes, but the lack of solutions. Wang Yuanmin aimed at this region, is planning to set up human rights agencies, to provide legal support to resolve economic disputes. "This can give play to my expertise."

print shop investment is relatively high, but also have a certain cultural foundation and skills base. Middle school next to the print shop to the target consumer group should be positioned in this group of teachers. Many middle schools, especially in rural schools do not have the conditions of printing papers, but every year, even every month, every week, so try to make this school even the township school paper business of eating, then consider students copy business.

the print shop next to the University of the target consumer group should be no doubt in Recommendation

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