a lot of people in the investment business, often hear such merchants to promote their own brand in the market, that is in a blank state, however, in this small series to warn you, not what gaps in the market, if you want to do business investment, the market is not really blank letter!

2006, Norasun made a small application, that is, sitting in a public place such as cafes, through the phone to find people around online chat with them. This thing has not done too long, the user habits is a problem, mobile positioning technology is also a problem. 2010, after the application of the LBS sign up, Norasun know that he was the small application should be achieved by what technology.

2008, as a result of their own cooking, Norasun to "eat what" and "how to do" want to become a very big thing. He felt that the recipe book what is not reliable, do not know the people who have written their own practice. His idea is Google, of course, but found that the site provides lazy recipes less. Then, the "delicious factory" appeared.

the beginning of his ideas more business: after a certain user base, can have advertising or can also sell some souvenirs of what. In 2009, the market began to appear in other similar recipes website, some companies have a good investment side, than he has more money to do promotion. Norasun had his job at the time, not to spend more energy on the website. The site has a fixed number of fans will often communicate feelings above, but the number of new users per day is limited.

– what is the former entrepreneurs did not expect problems? Market gaps will not appear too long, if there is no technical barriers to the industry, competitors will soon appear. Do you want to take all of your investment? You can choose when you have a choice. Investment side of their own funds may cause a blow to entrepreneurs, which is not only the problem of money, but also affect the entrepreneur’s confidence in the product.

– why away from it? There will be a number of reasons for the market blank, technology can be achieved, whether the user really needs, which are entrepreneurs to consider. This may include too many hidden costs, such as the need to spend money on education market.


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