was once one of China’s largest export provinces of migrant workers in Sichuan, but with the gradual development of entrepreneurial economy, more people choose to return home to start a business in situ, in the hometown to achieve the dream of breakthrough.

home business

This is not surprising

see employee payroll at that moment, she was determined to go home. In addition to the development of consideration, Dai Cuiying also cares about her body: two elderly over seventy years, and are unwilling to move to Shenzhen; high school boy was with him, but usually zigubuxia. "I want to come back, and I can’t work all my life."

Sichuan appears more "returning tide". The first three quarters of this year, the province’s output of rural labor decreased by 3.7%.

2015 years ago, in November, the total number of migrant workers returned home more than 1 million 300 thousand people, of which about 42 thousand entrepreneurs returning home. They have money, experience, ability to start a business.


out of work when vicious child to start

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